Combs Credit RX Credit Repair

How It Works

New Car Or Dream Home Have Your Attention?

Is your credit a mess and that new car or dream home getting further and further away because you don't know what to do to clean up or repair your credit?

Wonder No More!

We  at  Combs Credit RX can help.  We run the most technologically advanced credit repair system in America.   Everything is done online now at the click of a few buttons.  That benefits our customers because it allows you to monitor us.  Yes, we allow you to have access to your own credit file all in real time.  You'll receive updates once an account has changed status or has been removed.   Our software syncs directly to the credit bureaus, so our updates happen faster and so do our deletions. (This gives you peace of mind that we are actually working on your behalf). 

     (Keep in mind that every credit report is different, so we must apply our action plan specifically for you).Our credit consultations are FREE.  Once we review your reports, we'll be able to devise your action plan at that point.     

Why You Should Trust Us

 All of our results are permanent.  Meaning, if a deletion occurs, it will NOT show back up on your credit report at a later date.  We also back up our results by a money back refund policy.  We put that refund policy in place to let you know that we put all of the pressure of performing on ourselves.  You win either way.  If we don't fix your credit, you get  your money back.   


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